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6 things you definitely don’t know about sex

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Sex is the most searched word, as well as top oral sex or how to play out your fetish, but many get the wrong end when it comes to info, so we’re always here. When chatting to a group of girls about sex, we can’t help wondering if anyone had spoken to them about eggs, […]

Legal Status of Public Sex and Internet Pornography

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The advent of Internet pornography has made easy to view explicit images, pornography magazines and other materials without any form of censorship, and revenge porn (ex-partners posting explicit photos of their former partners) between mobile phones are getting popular, so it’s no surprise that the Prime Ministers who were once advocates of the Internet now […]

Here are the most bizarre and surprising Sex Laws

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We’ve all heard legends about absurd laws, but you can’t believe everything and there are some sites which may misinterpret them, which is why we decided to undertake some legwork in each state. In case you enjoy kissing a sleeping woman, depending on where you live, it may be considered a blatantly vulgar act of […]

Sexting and Sexual Activity Facts

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With the introduction of new technologies comes a debates about their morality, and such debates arose from the development of new technology which surrounds digital devices, such as mobile phones, to exchange images of a sexual nature. Parents need to know about this topic in case this issue comes up, as there are a lot […]