6 things you definitely don’t know about sex

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Sex is the most searched word, as well as top oral sex or how to play out your fetish, but many get the wrong end when it comes to info, so we’re always here. When chatting to a group of girls about sex, we can’t help wondering if anyone had spoken to them about eggs, sperm and pregnancy, as we are not dealing in a natural way and every one of us may be scared of complications. That said, this simple measures will help ensure that a good time is had.

Sex is something that we all do, but there are things that we don’t know and there are some interesting facts we need to know. Is there anything more fraught sex for women, as with the not-as-dire-but-still-sort-of-terrible possibility of an awkward experience? It’s time for the kind of lesson they don’t teach you in school, as every man needs to understand women.

We love to talk about sex, whether we admit it or not, but even if you think you’re a full-fledged sexpert, you may learn even more sex facts. Everyone’s vision of sex is different, from casual hookups to sex as part of long-term relationships, but some people aren’t certain what they do know that, so no matter what you want, there are a few constant preliminaries to make sure that the experience is comfortable and you have positive flowers-and-rainbows experiences. There are stories that are to believe, but finding out is the best way to have safe sex.

1. Find out what he / she loves
But don’t touch the same pleasure-spot for too much, as it can cause nerve damage. Don’t get huffy if the orgasm doesn’t happen, as women only need your sympathy

2. You have a weak d*ck if you smoke
Studies show that men who quit have stronger boners.

3. If you masturbate or have thought about it once, rest assured
As women, we should be proud of our bodies, and it is empowering to explore it and have fun. Although some women feel shameful and it has to do with societal norms, as women can be taught girls don’t want sex, there are lots of mixed messages that make many women feel guilty about watching porn.

4. Man or woman, there’s going to be a white wet patch, a give-away that sex has been had
Pregnancy is possible even if it’s the first time, so know that if you’re female, you can get pregnant as you’re releasing eggs.

5. You’ve probably heard about Kegels, the exercise which helps your grip strength
A recent study shows that premature ejaculation can be stopped with pelvic exercises within a few months, so guys should squeeze their muscles too.

6. If you’ve known someone this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re hooking up at a bar, it’s important that you have a real name
If you think there are no serial killers, just try to have anonymous sex: it simply isn’t safe to let someone put his body parts inside you without a phone number.

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