Here are the most bizarre and surprising Sex Laws

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We’ve all heard legends about absurd laws, but you can’t believe everything and there are some sites which may misinterpret them, which is why we decided to undertake some legwork in each state. In case you enjoy kissing a sleeping woman, depending on where you live, it may be considered a blatantly vulgar act of deviance because for every seemingly-necessary law in the 50 states, there are also some bizarre and down-right creepy laws somehow on the books. There are a lot of crazy laws but unfortunately many cannot be verified, but our team was curious to discover the verifiable ones, from restrictions to absurd fines.

Stats state that 14 percent of Americans have had a threesome, and whether you’re surprised or not, they help reveal the level of freedom we enjoy, although outrage crops up with every bill when these hot-button issues are on the radar. Laws exist for a reason, but because it’s easy to pass a law some obsolete laws stand as evidence that something and horrible must have happened, because how else do you explain the back stories behind the weirdest laws in U.S.? These are stories you will want to hear about strange laws, so find out below!

If you ever seduced a woman in Michigan, you could incriminate yourself because it is technically illegal, as our pious nation is full of sex laws that are archaic and are still in use (or very selectively in use), and although you probably won’t be arrested we wouldn’t recommend breaking them. For more on sexuality, you can learn about incest cases and the surprising history of prostitution, as well as more strange regulations and ridiculous laws by checking out our other articles. If you’re thinking about having sex, the long arm of the law may be coming for you, and it’s probably best if you find out: we’re just getting started with some rules which give a whole new meaning to the laws.

Sex is a tabooed topic, but what you do behind closed doors is always everybody’s business, from religion to governments, as it has been their pet subject, so here are some of the most eccentric laws from various countries. Sex is weird and fun, but there’s awkward smells and the only thing that could make it weirder is arbitrary and totally real laws on the books regarding nudity, and some of them are confusing. In case you’re planning a weekend, we have a piece of advice: research the laws of where you are going so that you avoid prison altogether.

• It is illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle (London)

• It is not OK to have sex with a rodeo clown (Massachusets)

• Women are prohibited from walking a hotel room nude (China)

• An odd law suggests that “Fornication” is completed banned for unmarried couples (Virginia)

• A person has committed a crime if he wears a body vest while engaged in the attempt to commit murder, robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping or assault (New Jersey)

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